Get started with the LENS method

LENS Foundations Training

Train yourself in the LENS Neurofeedback method at an intensive three-day training course running from Friday to Sunday at our headquarters in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.


Discover the base lines of the LENS Neurofeedback method in a fully practical training course that will enable you to apply LENS to your patients from the very first day.


Consolidate your learning with online follow-up webinars, to share and clarify your queries with other LENS professionals.


Price for the on-site course: €850 + 21% VAT


LENS Foundations Training course’s price will be 100% deducted from the LENS system’s purchase price.




Increase the efficiency of your LENS

LENS Intermediate Training

Go deeper into how to handle the LENS Neurofeedback method and make advanced use of it by gaining more flexibility and knowledge.


Three days of on-site training in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, where essential aspects of the LENS paradigm will be discussed and where emphasis will be placed on advanced practical training.


Price for the on-site course: €850 + 21% VAT




Choose when and how you learn to handle the LENS method

Individual online programs

Unable to participate in on-site training?


Three days of online training, from Friday to Sunday.


Price for the online course: €1,500 + 21% VAT