Neurofeedback: training courses in Europe

Neurofeedback Courses in Europe

Neurofeedback Courses in Europe


As I told you in a previous article, I begin this one from the point of view that getting trained in Neurofeedback is not an easy matter. There is no homogeneous, regulated education for such a  complex technique. Check out the following list of Neurofeedback training courses to prevent you from running the risk of getting lost by making a bad choice.



Trainings from Manufacturers


Neurofeedback manufacturers use to provide general Neurofeedback training courses for helping you to get into the field. I believe they represent a good choice especially when you choose to buy their system. You will learn the basic management of the instruments and software that you will use with your patients later on. For instance, MindMedia or ThoughtTechnology organize Neurofeedback training courses throughout the year.


If, instead, you are looking for being taught in an exclusive system, as I call them, EEG Info, LENS Neurofeedback or Neuroptimal also schedule training courses throughout the year. In these particular courses you will meet a very specific version of Neurofeedback.



Do not stop at a single Neurofeedback course. Go out and see how things are done out there.


Independent Training Courses in Europe


Should you prefer to have a more independent point of view, with full explanation of the different types and systems of Neurofeedback, the following entities offer Neurofeedback general training courses:



  • IFEN, Institut für EEG-Neurofeedback, in Munich, provides Neurofeedback Certification along 4 modules (M1: 5 training days, M2: hands-on practice, M3: supervision, M4: final exam) for € 2,000 approx.



  • BFE, Biofeedback Federation of Europe, provides with online resources such as webinars, courses and private classes for your continuing Neurofeedback education, in English, French, Italian or Portuguese. The same can be found on AAPB, Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, and BCIA, Biofeedback Certification International Alliance, in English.



  • neuroCare offers training courses on Neurofeedback, qEEG and brain stimulation, from its subsidiary, neuroCademy, in Germany and the Netherlands: 4 days, English, German or Dutch, for € 1,500.



  • facilitates courses in Neurofeedback (£ 500) and qEEG (£ 600) at the Open University in London for 4 days. The organizers are very thorough and do not miss any details.



  • i-nfbf, Institut für Neurofeedback und Biofeedback, in Switzerland, develops a very comprehensive Neurofeedback certification along 152 hours during a whole academic year, from July to March, in Zurich, for 8,000CHF, with 8 theoretical modules, 9 dedicated to practical training and dissertation, plus supervision and final exam.



  • Neuroacademy, Luxembourg, has created a very complete training calendar in Neurofeedback, level I and level II, in English, French and German, for € 790 each level for two days. [Note: this should not be confused with neuroCademy].



  • Euribion, European Institute for EEGbiofeedback and Applied Neurosience, in Hanover, offers 4-day Neurofeedback basic courses. Also advanced Neurofeedback, qEEG and LORETA Neurofeedback training courses.



My advice is that you take advantage of all these opportunities and do not stop doing just a single course. Neurofeedback is a complex discipline. The best investment will be your education. Hours of practice and supervision by other professionals will guarantee the best learning.



Do you prefer to start reading a good Neurofeedback book? Check out the post Neurofeedback books…to learn Neurofeedback.


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Gonzalo Belaustegui

I'm co-founder of OchsLabs Europe, LENS distributor for Europe. My academic background was on Business Administration and Management, and on Actuarial Sciences. I have worked for 12 years in the health sector. I have spent the last 5 years among biofeedback, neurofeedback, LENS, qEEG and tDCS devices.