OchsLabs, LLC., a California corporation

OchsLabs, LLC. is the global general headquarters of LENS Neurofeedback.

It is a Californian company, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

It owes its name to its founder, Len Ochs, PhD, creator of the LENS, Low Energy Neurofeedback System, in the 1990s.

OchsLabs is located in Sebastopol, an open community in Sonoma County, just 7 miles from the county seat, Santa Rosa.

It is known for being one of the biggest wine-producing counties in the United States and is part of the wine region on the North Coast of California.

OchsLabs Inc es el cuartel general del sistema LENS Neurofeedback para todo el mundo. Está ubicado en Sebastopol, California

Sebastopol is a 1-hour drive from San Francisco heading north and just a few kilometers from the Pacific Ocean, very close to Bodega Bay, the small fishing community that was the setting for the classic apocalyptic film, The Birds, by Alfred Hitchcock.

OchsLabs, Inc. está emplazado en Sebastopol California, muy cerca de Bodega Bay.

At the current time, OchsLabs focuses on developing software applications and training plans for the LENS Neurofeedback system.

OchsLabs, LLC. distributes its products in the USA and Canada, as well as having distributors in Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

7300 Healdsburg Avenue, Suite C

Sebastopol, CA  95472

Phone:  (707) 823-6225

Email:  info@ochslabs.com

OchsLabs ™


100 Main Street, Upwey

Victoria 3158 Australia

Phone: +61 3 8288 1744  

Email: kerryn@ochslabs.com.au

Borne 15, 4A

07012 Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Phone:  +34 664 759 868

Email:  hello@ochslabs.eu

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