LENS Europe

Our goal: to increase our limited capacity to help others, by enabling other professionals to fall in love with LENS Neurofeedback and incorporate this fascinating technology into their clinical practice

Some life events prompt us to believe that all steps lead to the same destination

In 2011, we – Gemma Rovira and Gonzalo Belaustegui – met and decided to join together our personal lives and our career plans.


In 2013 we founded our first practice together, NeuronalTED, where we wanted to bring together psychology, therapy and coaching, with neuromodulation techniques: qEEG, tDCS/tRNS, neurofeedfack y AVS.

“Our passion for finding the best way to help people prompted us to travel around the world.”

OchsLabs Europe es el distribuidor oficial del sistema LENS Neurofeedback en Europa

Thus in 2014, near San Francisco in California, we met up with Len Ochs PhD. We fell in love with his LENS Neurofeedback and decided to incorporate it into our work. The results were apparent straight away and were soon surpassing those of the other techniques we were using.

In 2015 we founded OchsLabs Europe, and were proud to be entrusted by OchsLabs, Inc. with sharing all we had learnt from over 2,000 sessions and expanding LENS Neurofeedback throughout Europe. We started out by giving official training about the LENS to all the health professionals who wanted to incorporate it into their practice and help their patients faster.

In late 2016 we managed to open the doors of Europe to LENS Neurofeedback and we began to commercialize it from our headquarters in Palma de Mallorca.


In 2017 LENS Neurofeedback began to be marketed as SaaS, Software as a Service, making it more accessible to all professionals.

“Each professional we train in how to use the LENS is a seed of change for dozens or hundreds of people wherever these health professionals practice. We have the same passion to help our patients as the passion we put into training each new LENS professional”

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